Why listen to music?

For many people, music is a great way to relieve stress and recharge their batteries. For others, it's a way to escape and have a good time. So, to help you out, here are some reasons why you should listen to music.

It gives pleasure

If the very definition of the concept of music is the art of combining sounds that are pleasing to the ear, then it is clear that music gives pleasure to the ear. A good melody is a very powerful emotion carrier that does a great deal of good to the body.
Music is very good for people who are under stress and for patients with personality disorders. There is also music that motivates you to dance and relax.

It reduces stress and anxiety

Indeed, music is a good treatment for stress, as it helps to relax the nerves. Music softens the mood, they say. In addition, music has a calming effect that reduces the heart rate and prevents heart disease.
For those who suffer from anxiety and for those who cannot sleep well, studies on the subject have shown that listening to soft, relaxing music can have a positive impact against these problems.

Music improves a person's cognitive and memory faculties

Indeed, while music is a source of motivation for some, it enables others to learn well. In language learning, for example, composing a song to learn the alphabets or logical connectors can help a lot.
Even more, in mathematics, in order to remember certain formulas, it is possible to make them into songs, the repetition of which facilitates their learning. And if music changes the mood, it also helps to stimulate auditory memory and sharpen one's cognitive abilities.

Music builds stamina in physical activity

A study on the subject by the British showed that listening to music while playing sports improves concentration and facilitates the accommodation of muscles to physical exercises.
The study compared people who were walking on a treadmill with music and others in the same conditions without music. The result was that those who listened to music showed greater endurance than those who did not. It can therefore be concluded that music increases endurance.