Top 5 best string instruments

Several instruments are used in music composition today. Among them, we can list the string instruments. In the category of string instruments, there are many instruments, all of which are equally fascinating. Discover in this article the top 5 best string instruments.

The guitar

The guitar is one of the most played and loved instruments in the stringed instruments category. In addition, the guitar is an instrument that comes as an accompaniment to the drums.
Also, the guitar can be played in many ways and in different musical rhythms. It is an instrument with a lot of charm. Also, this instrument gives a lot of elegance to its player, especially when it is a woman.

The violin

The violin is a musical instrument made of wood and composed of 85 pieces, all different from each other. Each of these parts plays a particular role and they are all important in the musical composition.
The violin is made up of several essential parts such as the soundboard which is made of pine or spruce wood and other parts such as the neck, the ribs and the scroll which are also made of wood.
It should also be noted that there are different types of violins, including the viola, the cello, the double bass and finally the violin itself. In addition, all these violins play a particular role and are irreplaceable in their fields.

The harp

If you are a fan of this instrument, you have good taste. It is a good musical instrument. It is also widely played in the world today as much as the guitar and the violin.
The harp is a stringed instrument consisting of a sound body, pegs, a console and seven petals as well as a column, a bowl and finally a fork mechanism.
Finally, it is important to know that this is the best instrument for you. That is, if you like to mix sounds and if you are a lover of sweet melody. The harp is well known for having a wide variety of melodies