How to maintain your musical instrument?

The maintenance of a musical instrument is of utmost importance. Without it, you risk damaging your equipment through negligence and worse, when handling it, you can have problems with its proper functioning. For this, find out in this article how to maintain your musical instrument.

Clean them from time to time

Cleaning these instruments from time to time is a great way to protect them against time and keep them in good condition. The more you maintain your instrument, the more efficient it will be and the clearer it will always be.
Indeed, an instrument like the piano requires regular maintenance lest dust accumulate on the keyboard. To do this, it is advisable to use a cloth soaked in soapy water that you will have taken the trouble to wring out to clean it.

Dismantle the instrument if possible

For wind, string or brass instruments, it is best to dismantle them for better cleaning. The aim here is to get all the parts of the instrument clean, to do this, it is imperative to dismantle the instrument.
If you cannot dismantle the instrument yourself, you can ask a professional to assist you. Indeed, leaving your instrument in the hands of a professional is a good thing and can prevent you from damaging it by doing it yourself.

Protect your instrument from moisture

Too much heat can act on the varnish of your instrument and extinguish the shine of your instrument. It's like when you leave brass in your car without a cover in the sun all the time.
Just being locked up for a long time in the heat is very bad for your instrument, especially if it is a wind instrument. Instruments that do not tolerate humidity include, in addition to wind instruments, the violin, etc.

Respect the rules of hygiene

With lots of diseases and drums circulating in the air, it is recommended to take great care of your instrument. Especially if it's an instrument that requires frequent contact with sensitive parts of the body like the trumpet, a lot of care should be taken.
In addition, it must be protected from dust and wandering hands. Always put it back in its bag or case after each use.